Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Woodford Reserve

The fact that Woodford Reserve is the only bourbon that is always welcome at our get togethers speaks for itself.  With its generous aromas, deliciously pleasant palate, and lingering finish it will continue to appear in our glasses.

Bourbon: Woodford Reserve

Region: United States, Kentucky

Reviewer DC Scotch Chick CA Scotch Chick
Color Rich gold, dark like Belgian beer. Golden red with almost a brownish hue.
Nose Nutty.  Nutty, buttery.
Body Rich and creamy. Medium, smooth.
PalateNutty, buttery, a hint of almond. Cherry, also tastes nuts and butter.
Finish Disappears on the side of the tongue but has a lingering satiny feel on the roof of the mouth. Lingers with zing.
CommentsA good friend.The bourbon that thinks its a scotch.

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