Saturday, June 7, 2008

Field Trip to NYC: A Visit to Wise Woman

It's field trip time, Ladies and Gentlemen. CA Scotch Chick is headed to the Big Apple today for a week of exploration. The stated purpose of the trip is work, but in reality CA Scotch Chick will be spending a lion's share of her time indulging her palate in the company of the one of the undisputed experts in the Flushing, NY restaurant scene, the Wise Woman.

Wise Woman is a 78 year old with the spirit of a 7 year old. CA Scotch Chick met this remarkable individual when she was a budding China trade attorney in NYC, who knew a fair amount about the intricacies of Chinese law but very little about the intricacies of Chinese cuisine. Recognizing a willing pupil, Wise Woman took CA Scotch Chick under her wing, transporting her on a regular basis to Flushing for tutelage in the comparative strengths of some of the styles of cuisine: Shanghai, Szechuan, Northern, Hunan, and Cantonese.

Flushing, NY is a section in the borough of Queens that houses what many argue to be some of the best Chinese restaurants in the Western Hemisphere, and possibly the world. It is densely packed, and the competition among restaurants is fierce. In the midst of this culinary chaos, Wise Woman calmly and methodically seeks out and identifies those establishments worthy of her attention.

Hang on tight Loyal Scotch Chix Fans, the visit is shaping up to be a week of culinary adventures. And, of course, they'll be some scotch field trips along the way. 

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