Friday, June 13, 2008

A Walk Around the Block: The After Dinner Flight

The After Dinner Flight

The offerings in the After Dinner Flight were much more palatable than those of the Dinner Flight. In particular, CA Scotch Chick enjoyed the candy sweetness of the Bruichladdich 20. The Macallan cask strength with a drop of water was also quite good, very different from Macallan 12 and 18. Finally the Talisker 25 was a fantastic surprise, and CA Scotch Chick believes it could be promoted to the next level. 

Her lesson from the dinner flight not to judge distilleries by a single offering was reinforced by this brush with Talisker and with Edradour Ballechin. Edradour 10 has to be one of the Scotch Chix least favorite scotches, and while CA Scotch Chick would not exactly describe the Ballechin as worthy, it was better than the 10. 

Over all, the After Dinner Flight was an enjoyable experience; however it did not have the depth of flavor and consistent quality of the Great Scott's collection. Considering there is only an eight dollar difference in the flights, CA Scotch Chick would recommend that Loyal Scotch Chix Fans visiting Keens step up to the higher flight level.

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