Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Highland Park 16

DC Scotch Chick stated that if this latest iteration of Highland Park were the only whisky left in the world she would still be happy. Highland Park 16 is a silky fruity creation that is simply sublime. Sure wish it were available outside Duty Free stores. The Scotch Chix will have to make frequent trips overseas just to keep it in stock. A drop of water opens it up, makes it even smoother, and releases more of the raspberries.

Whisky: Highland Park 16

Pronunciation: High-land Park

Region: Orkney

Reviewer DC Scotch Chick CA Scotch Chick
Nose Citrus, Salt, Ocean Vanilla Candle, Brine
Body Tingly, light to medium Light, Silky
PalateSweet citrus , light honeyFruity, Raspberry, A High Note - Perhaps a Whisper of Honey, Whiff of Smoke
Mouth watering, makes one salivate for more Smooth, Whiff of Smoke Again
CommentsIt sparkles. Dances on the tongue.Wonderful.

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