Sunday, May 31, 2009

Book Review: 99 Drams of Whiskey

One of the perks in writing a blog is that people occasionally send free stuff your way. It's even better when the free stuff is worth having. 

With that in mind, Kate Hopkins's 99 Drams of Whisky is a welcome addition to the literature on scotch. Of course, you will find plenty of nose/palate/finish reviews, but even those are rather unique. Hopkins engages in general characterizations that refer to concrete elements from your life, not just abstract concepts for connoisseurs. 

In some ways, that's the key to the whole book. Hopkins wants us to understand the stories behind whisky. She interweaves stories about her own alcoholic odyssey with those of the history of the drink. It's something like a travelogue with flashbacks into the history of things. 

Personally, I must say that some of her reviews described things in ways that would differ from my style, but that's hardly a criticism. It's a reflection that all of us who enjoy scotch find it integrating into our lives in different ways. They say that scent is the most powerful sense, and naturally it conjoins with our memories to help shape our character, taste, and preferences. 

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