Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Captain Mr. Bill, First Mate Jill, and Mounds Bars

The CA Scotch Couple have recently found themselves without a home. They decided to float their (698 square foot) Little Beach House out onto the rough seas of the current California real estate market to see if it would sell (for a loss). Their idea was to take the six months or so that it was selling (for a loss) to search out an abode that was bigger (and was selling for more of a loss). The Little Beach House sold the day it hit the market (for a loss), and the CA Scotch Couple had to scramble to find other accommodations. 

They landed in a home owned by of one of CA Scotch Gent's colleagues, a woman they had not known before, but for whom they immediately developed an intense affinity. When the five minute, "this is what the house is like" meeting stretched into an hour long animated discussion, the CA Scotch Couple knew they were going to like their new landlords, First Mate Jill and Captain Mr. Bill, a great deal. 

In fact, the CA Scotch Couple's new landlords are perhaps the most interesting individuals the CA Scotch Couple have ever had the privilege to meet. Like the CA Scotch Couple, they have decided not to live life in a manner considered by others to be normal. Consequently, they have had diverse lives and lots of adventures. 

They also make a good pair. First Mate Jill is extremely efficient and amazingly open hearted. She uses her law degree and outstanding organization skills to help students at the law school find jobs in a tough market, to keep track of Captain Mr. Bill's business, and to make life wonderful for a variety of elderly relatives scattered around the city. While Captain Mr. Bill is a fierce family law advocate in his professional life, he is easy going and laid back in his personal life. He always has a multitude of projects going in various states of completion (we've counted the house that we are renting, ten classic cars, and three boats). Best of all, he is one of a rare breed of natural story tellers, with perfect pacing and wicked wit.

Several years ago, Captain Mr. Bill acquired his biggest project yet, a downtrodden enormous ex-drug runner yacht. He bid for it at a federal marshal's sale on the courthouse steps for a ridiculously low sum, and Captain Mr. Bill and First Mate Jill renovated it, moored it in the largest slip just south of San Diego, and moved aboard. Last Saturday, Captain Mr. Bill and First Mate Jill invited the CA Scotch Couple to dinner at this quite remarkable home (which has more square footage than the Little Beach House).

Now, CA Scotch Chick must admit that she has become a bit of a liquor snob. Her discovery of single malt whisky firmly established in her mind the "fact" that liquor should be taken neat and never adulterated. Consequently, when First Mate Jill, at CA Scotch Chix' urging, mentioned that coconut rum might be a good host gift for Captain Mr. Bill, CA Scotch Chick had visions of the Malibu Coconut Rum and orange juice mixers she indulged in during college, and turned her nose up at the prospect. Instead she consulted the Renaissance Rum Man for a high quality sippin' rum, and arrived bearing this as a gift.

Captain Mr. Bill was polite in the face of CA Scotch Chix' pretensions. He assured her that Coconut Rum was the consummate sippin' rum, and he had no intention of mixing anything. He thanked her for her gift and poured her a double shot of Parrot Bay Coconut Rum instead. CA Scotch Chick took one sip and was immediately hooked — it was pure candy, a liquid Mounds Bar. CA Scotch Chick didn't have the least shred of guilt over her sin against liquor. Since the coconut rum had less of a taste of liquor and more of a taste of a liqueur, she didn't even consider it the same drink. Moreover, it was the best liqueur she had ever tasted.

The evening sped by all too quickly, filled with good food and great stories, and the CA Scotch Couple left realizing how very lucky they were to have stumbled upon such remarkable individuals in their search for a place to lay their heads. The coconut rum rounded out the evening with a nice candy glow and served just as well as a pre-dinner and after-dinner experience. Now, CA Scotch Chick just has to figure out how to confess her new addiction to her buddy Renaissance Rum Man. Maybe she'll get him a bottle so that he can taste for himself.

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