Friday, August 7, 2009

Homemade Chicky Fry Poutines!

The CA Scotch Couple picked the hottest week in the history of the west coast for their little jaunt up to Oregon. It was a hundred degrees and hazy when they landed in Portland, and the CA Scotch Couple were overheated and hungry when they finally made it to their hotel. After cool showers, CA Scotch Chick decided that it was too hot for them to go back out and that she instead would do a little hunting and gathering in the vicinity of the hotel. She set out for a combination Kentucky Fried Chicken/A&W Root Beer right across the parking lot.

Her plan was just to pick something fairly light if possible, but when her eyes scanned the menu, they lit upon an entry for cheese curds on the A&W menu!!!!!! Loyal Scotch Chix fans will remember the CA Scotch Couple's love affair with poutines (and in general all things cheese curd), and of their very pleasant discovery of Chicky Fry Poutines in Toronto (see Toronto Poutine Face Off). Here was an opportunity for some homemade Chicky Fry Poutines. She ordered the KFC fries, the yummy chicky gravy, and the cheese curds and set off back across the heat soaked parking lot for the hotel.

CA Scotch Gent is a trooper. Canadian comfort food was probably last thing he expected to see CA Scotch Chick carting back on such a hot day, but he exclaimed over her good find and embarked with her on the experiment right away. They put some fries on a plate, sprinkled some cheese curds on, microwaved the gravy to make it extra hot, poured, and tasted.

It was a disappointment! While the fries and gravy were quite good, since the cheese curds were breaded, they neither had the right taste nor the right consistency. The CA Scotch Couple carefully picked the breading off a few of the cheese curds, and they tried again. Once more they were disappointed. The A&W cheese curds were fine as fried things go, but they just didn't work as a substitute for the cheese curds for poutines. Oh, the bitter disappointment!

It was too hot to head back out for some lighter fare, so the CA Scotch Couple gave up and took to just dipping the fries in the chicky gravy (much less mushy that way), and eating the cheese curds separately. Ah well, it was worth a try. The CA Scotch Couple will just have to block off some time for a trip to Canada.

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