Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Return of CA Scotch Chick

When last we left our heroine she was recovering from being run over by a car ( Life Can Change in a Split Second) and happily reviewing her stash from her good buddy, the Japanese Peat Chick. She had shared her ordeal with her fans and managed to keep up with her posts through the worst of the recovery, when suddenly, there was silence, nothing, nadda.

It was enough to test a Scotch Chix Fan's deepest loyalty. Scotch Chix Fans must have felt like CA Scotch Chick's mother — "You never write; you never call; you never tweet; you never post on Facebook…"

So, what the heck happened?

The simple answer is that life hit CA Scotch Chick like a tsunami after the new year. Her foot didn't exactly recover with the greatest of ease; she and CA Scotch Gent moved once again; and that all encompassing world of work reared its ugly head. Consequently, CA Scotch Chick put Scotch Chix on hold for a few weeks…and then another tsunami hit: more surgeries, renovation, work…

…and, suddenly half a year had whirled by, and, being the recluse that she is, CA Scotch Chick discovered it was easier to find herself retired than to face her fans. She gave herself until today, September 5th, the anniversary of the accident, to make the decision whether to pick up Scotch Chix or to officially retire.

CA Scotch Chick would probably have officially retired had it not been for a series of adventures with the whisky community that deserved sharing. In early August, CA Scotch Chick needed to put together an exceptional gift for a very special birthday, and she contacted her old friends Dave and Marty Coffey at Cobhthaigh Celtique to arrange for some custom whisky glasses. Scotch Chix Fans will remember the Coffeys from their role in helping the Scotch Chix finally transition to drinking whisky from "A Grown-up Glass." Both the quality of the product and the customer service from the folks at Cobhthaigh Celtique absolutely needed a review.

At the same time, CA Scotch was struggling to replace some beer glasses that were only available in Europe, and she reached out to a little shop in the Netherlands known for having the best whisky selection in Amsterdam, Ton Overmars Wijnwinkel and Slijterij. The proprietor of the shop, Ton Overmars, went out of his way to acquire the glasses and have them waiting for CA Scotch Chick on her latest business trip to the Netherlands. In addition, the whisky selection CA Scotch Chick discovered upon visiting Mr. Overmars was well worth reporting.

Finally, CA Scotch Chick didn't really want to retire. There is so much to share. The last nine months have been packed with whisky, food and travel adventures, and there is much much more ahead. CA Scotch Chick wished to come back, if only her fans would have her.

So, if there are any Loyal Scotch Chix Fans still out there, we are off once again. Please join us for the further adventures of the Scotch Chix. We'll start by telling the story of why the glasses from Cobhthaigh Celtique were so special, and then we'll lead you on a tour of Ton Overmars Wijnwinkel and Slijterij. We still won't be calling, tweeting or posting on Facebook, but we promise to write and not to test your loyalty again.

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